The Spirit of Volunteerism Awards were held May 9, 2019 this year. Pam Kessler was Nominated by CASA for her dedication to serving our community's most vulnerable citizens.

Pam was sworn-in as a CASA Volunteer in August of 2014. Since that time, she has been assigned to 5 families and advocated for 10 children. During her 5 ½ years as a volunteer she as given well over 1200 hours of her time to abused and neglected children of our community. Pam also gives her time each quarter assisting in training our New Volunteers. She shares her experiences, both the good and the bad, with our new volunteers; letting them know that advocating for our communities most vulnerable population is not easy work, but it is necessary, and ultimately rewarding.

Because Pam works with one family at a time, opposed to the overburdened Child Protection Workers, she has the time to dig deep to find answers and share invaluable insight with the Court and other parties who are involved in deciding the fate of these children.

Without CASA Volunteer’s like Pam, important details about Abuse and Neglect cases can often be missed. She is an extra set of eyes and ears for the Judge. Carrie Mees, Deputy State’s Attorney, has worked with Pam on several cases. Ms. Mees finds Pam’s work invaluable stating; Pam isn’t afraid to ask parents and Child Protective Services (CPS) hard questions.  She is a team player, routinely checking in with all parties including CPS to discuss her observations and concerns. Ms. Mees added; Pam truly cares about the children she follows. Still, to this day, I see her at dance recitals and competitions of two of “her kids” who have now been adopted. She is a forever person in children’s lives who truly deserve to have forever people.  The connection she provides them even after the court process is concluded will no doubt serve them long into adulthood.