Every year the courts in our area handle hundreds of child abuse and neglect cases.

Every one of them is more than just a file…each is a child’s life.

These children need someone to stand up for them.

Someone to stand up for their

Hopes, Dreams, and their Futures.

That someone could be YOU!

Become an advocate for a child…

Call CASA to Volunteer 605-339-9492

CARING is the only experience you need!

Other Ways You Can Help:

  • Host a CASA 101 for friends, family, or coworkers
  • Connect CASA with your civic organization, social club, church community, or business
  • Share today's social media post
  • Volunteer at a CASA event or information booth
  • Become a member of the CASA board or Ad-Hoc committee 

Still wondering if you can be an effective CASA Volunteer while you're working full-time? Check out what the blog post by CASA of Travis County (Austin, Tx) has to say. Hint: It's YES!


Thank you to the First National Bank in Sioux Falls for your support as CASA's Volunteer Sponsor!