Wanda Hariri

Why Did you become a CASA Advocate?

I believe that no matter what the circumstances are Foster care is one of the most frightening happenings for a child, in a moment they lose so much. They leave their home, their family, and extended family. What’s worse, they feel as if they have lost their voice. I want to be their voice, I want them to be heard!

How do you balance volunteering with your career/personal life?

Sometimes there is no balance and your personal life tends to take over, and it is at those times I am so grateful for my case manager who gently nudges me back to my case.

What was a moment that you realized that you/CASAs do make a difference?

When I realize that the children will be ok. No, more than okay, great!

What advice would you have for new CASAs?

Just do your best and remember why you’re a CASA volunteer.